THREE men have apologised and paid compensation after they went on the rampage through Bury town centre and caused damage to shops worth £5,900.

In the aftermath of the August bank holiday incident, The Bury Times published CCTV images of the offenders.

It showed the trio at The Rock shopping complex at 2.45am on August 26 tearing down bunting that had been put up to mark the Olympics.

They then walked towards Nando’s restaurant and started to kick and punch windows and a wall, causing the wall to partially collapse. Appearing drunk on camera, the group then crossed Rochdale Road on to Foundry Street and smashed a window at The Furniture Store before wrecking four poster boxes worth a total of £1,000 at Matalan.

The appeal resulted in information being passed to Bury Police and the three men being arrested. Police chose to deal with the incident under their Restorative Justice scheme.

The men paid £40 to managers of The Rock in compensation for the damage to the bunting and gave owners of The Furniture Store £150 to pay for the broken window. A Bury Police spokesman said: “As the value of the damage at Nando’s and Matalan was so high, they have provided a letter of apology and donated £100 to a charity of each business’s choice.

Matalan chose The Christie and Nando’s chose an epilepsy charity due to one of their employees recently dying from this condition.

“We would like to thank Bury Times readers for their help with this appeal.”

The letter to Matalan said: “Please accept this charity donation and our sincere apologies for what we did.”