A POSTMASTER was held at gunpoint by armed robbers — for the second time in six weeks.

Two men wearing balaclavas and high-visibility jackets burst into Brandlesholme Post Office, in Brandlesholme Road, Bury, at 3.45pm last Thursday.

One of the men smashed the security glass between the counter and the shop area, while the accomplice brandished a silver handgun.

He pointed the gun at postmaster Hamid Dor and ordered him to open up the secure area behind the counter.

They smashed through the glass and stole some cash, before smashing glass in the door of the post office as they left.

Several witnesses reported seeing two men with high-visibility jackets running away and down an alley, chased by members of the public.

Mr Dor, aged 55, said: “The man did point the gun at me and demanded the keys to the secure area. It was frightening. It happened in just a couple of minutes. They were in and out. They were both wearing balaclavas with eye and mouth pieces cut out.”

The post office was previously targeted by armed robbers at 12.15pm on Saturday, September 22. A gun was pointed at Mr Dor’s head and he was told to let the two men go to the other side of the counter and open the safe. Mr Dor, who has run the post office for 13 years, said: “It is awful that this has happened twice in six weeks. It was very frightening.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do now. It’s very difficult.” And he paid tribute to his many customers, who have passed on their best wishes and delivered flowers to the post office.

The branch has been closed since the incident while a police investigation and repairs are carried out.