Council bosses have set their sights on hitting the 50 per cent recycling mark by April next year.

One year after introducing borough-wide improvements to kerbside recycling services, the rate stands at about 46 per cent.

This has helped save taxpayers more than £1 million, and waste bosses estimate hitting the 50 per cent target will save at least another £800,000.

One of their main messages is for residents to use their grey bin only for rubbish which cannot be recycled.

Cllr Gill Campbell said: “Bury residents have been doing really well at increasing the amount they recycle.

“Already our recycling rate has moved up from 28 per cent, one of the lowest rates in Greater Manchester, to nearly 46 per cent, the third best rate. The target we are aiming for is 50 per cent or more by April 2013.

“While it may seem we don’t have very much more to do, this extra four or so per cent, will be a lot harder to achieve than the large increase we have already seen. We know it can be done, though: in Stockport, for instance, they’re recycling nearly 65 per cent.”

Residents across the borough can recycle the following in their bins: l Brown: cooked food waste, uncooked food waste and garden waste.

l Green: mixed paper and cardboard (including cardboard drink cartons).

l Blue: plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, food tins, drink cans, aerosols and foil.

Any additional household waste can be taken to waste recycling centres, which in the borough are based at Fernhill in Bury and Cemetery Road in Radcliffe.

Residents requiring a new or replacement recycling bin can do so online at or by calling 0161 253 5353.