AS superheroes go, Spiderman is bottom of the list for one Bury boy after a tangle with one of his presents led to a Christmas Day dash to the fire station.

Louis Gibson was delighted when he ripped open his gifts on Christmas morning to find a web gun just like his favourite cartoon character to strap to his wrist and shoot toy darts.

“It was his favourite present —one we said he was going to play with all day,” said mum Kirsten But as the Gibsons were about to dish up the turkey dinner at their Newhaven Close home, four-year-old Louis wandered into the kitchen having stuck his left index finger into the barrel of the gun, firmly wedging it.

Olive oil and running it under the cold tap failed to free the digit so Mrs Gibson dialled the fire service and was told to take him down to Bury fire station.

His big sister Amalie had been a guest at the fire station for its opening only weeks before after her best friend at Old Hall Primary School won a drawing competition.

“Our son was quite jealous that she had been to see the fire station and the engines,” said Mrs Gibson.

But Louis got to see firemen in action as they kept him calm and managed to cut off the toy with a hacksaw.

“They were absolutely fantastic,” said Mrs Gibson.

“They gave him a couple of stickers and a badge and he was very pleased.”

“It took about 20 minutes to free him. It was a new gun but I don’t think he wanted to see it again,” said fire crew manager Carl Bostock.

By the time Louis got home again, he was back in the Christmas spirit and polished off his delayed Christmas dinner.

“I think he had worked up an appetite,” said Mrs Gibson.

And after his festive brush with superhero gadgetry, Louis is already thinking ahead to next year.

“He told his daddy: ‘I don’t want a Spiderman present again for Christmas. I am not going to put it on my list,’ said Mrs Gibson.

“I think it’s going to be Ben 10 from now on.”