A PARKING campaigner was seen on a TV documentary deliberately getting a parking ticket in Bury.

Parking Mad aired on BBC 1 on Tuesday night and featured Barry Moss, a pensioner from Westhoughton, who had waged an unsuccessful High Court case against Bolton Council’s auditors KPMG in 2010.

During the 60-minute documentary, Mr Moss — whom the show described as “one of the country’s most high profile parking campaigners” — drove around Bury town centre deliberately looking to be given a parking ticket.

The 66-year-old told how he looked for locations where lines were not painted properly and was shown leaving his car in Silver Street, returning later to find he had been given a ticket.

A woman passer-by is filmed saying “that’s awful” when she sees he has been issued with the ticket, but the former roofer is heard to reply: “It’s all right love, I did it on purpose”.

He says he will contest the decision at a tribunal on January 24.

Mr Moss says people contact him from all over the country asking him to take up their case, and he claims he has had 92 of 96 parking ticket decisions overturned over the last six years.

He said: “Filming was quite an interesting experience.

“They came up to see me twice and we drove around Bury.”

He said: “A lot of people think I’m against parking or against councils enforcing regulations, but I’m not. If people park on yellow lines they deserve everything they get. But councils have a legal and moral duty to make sure their highways are painted as per traffic regulations.”

The show’s director James Ross said: “It’s easy to be negative about parking campaigners but most of them feel they’re genuinely fighting for something, there’s a civic-mindedness about them even if some of them do it in a slightly bizarre way.”

Bury Council said it could not comment as an appeal was pending.