Police are reminding people across the county to take extra care to stay safe during the current freeze and make sure that they and their vehicles are fully prepared for hold ups and emergencies that may occur.

Greater Manchester Police is keen to reassure people that officers will continue to patrol during the cold snap and help ensure that vulnerable people are given extra support.

Officers want people to take measures to ensure that they are less likely to require assistance from the emergency services.

Motorists are reminded to check their route before travelling and to ensure they are equipped for the winter weather. Vehicles need to be clear of snow and ice before setting off and drivers are reminded to keep their speed down, brake smoothly and take extra care on ungritted and country roads.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett from GMP said: “We know that the cold snap is set to continue for the next few days, which is why it is important that people continue to be on their guard and prepared for any possible deterioration in the weather.

“We are working together with other emergency services and partners to ensure that people and the services they rely on can continue as normally as possible over this cold spell. People can help by following the advice given here.

“During the cold weather it is particularly important that residents look out for older and vulnerable neighbours who may be at risk. Please take the time to look in on them, you will make them feel cared for, a little happier and reassured and you could even save a life.

“If you should get stuck when out in your car having extra warm clothes, a hot drink, snack and a fully charged mobile phone in your vehicle should help you get mobile or stay comfortable till help arrives.”

More information and advice on staying safe during the cold weather can be found by following GMP on Facebook and Twitter @gmpolice #snow.