A SPIRITUAL medium from Bury has become a psychic to the stars.

After carrying out readings for Coronation Street stars Michelle Keegan and Michelle Collins, Cara Crompton has found other stars wanting her help.

Mrs Crompton spoke to Miss Keegan, who plays Tina McIntyre in the soap, about her relationship to Wanted star and former Bolton School pupil Max George.

Following claims in national newspapers, the couple, who had been engaged, split up.

Cara, aged 59, grew up in Cardigan Drive, off Manchester Road, Bury, and started out her career as a singer touring the world and working with stars such as Billy Joel and The Walker Brothers.

After marrying comedian Colin Crompton, who found fame in 1970s shows such as The Comedians and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, she put her singing career on the backburner and became his manager.

Since Colin died in 1985, Cara’s psychic work has been revived and she has received national coverage after high-profile readings of the Coronation Street stars.

Mrs Crompton said: “I didn’t know who her partner was. She came in with her dad and asked for a reading.

“After the reading I saw all the stories in the newspapers about him kissing another woman.

“When I first started, I would hold back and be worried about upsetting people. Sometimes it is not what you want to hear, but I think people would want to know about it.”

Michelle Collins, who plays landlady Stella Price, has also consulted Cara who gave her the confidence to carry on after receiving criticism about her accent in the soap.

On Mrs Crompton’s website, a testamonial attributed to Miss Keegan reads: “She accurately predicted some very personal and painful things on my first reading! At the time I was sceptical and really did not believe the things she was saying! She turned out to be spot on.”

Cara was based in Bury until her 20s, and she got the first break in her singing career at Bury Football Club.

She began to make a name for herself in pubs and clubs around Manchester, and was spotted by a talent agent who helped her play in countries such as America, New Zealand and Hong Kong, including a stint as the support act for the Walker Brothers.

Now based in Knutsford, she said: “I have been a psychic since the age of three. I used to come out with things and talk about how I remembered a previous life. I think everyone has the ability — they just need practice and experience. When I started to do readings they kept turning out to be right, and there was nobody more astonished than me.”

She has experienced a surge in demand since working with the Coronation Street stars, and is currently writing a book about her life.