AN American rock superstar was a “surprise guest” at the wedding of a Ramsbottom couple.

Lise and John Burton were in Las Vegas to tie the knot at Graceland Wedding Chapel, when they caught a glimpse of Jon Bon Jovi and thought it must have been a tribute act.

Lise, of Grants Lane, said: “We were nervous as anything, like anyone who is getting married, and we thought that was either Jon Bon Jovi or a brilliant lookalike.

“We asked him ‘are you Jon Bon Jovi?’ and he said yes, and we asked if we could have a picture with him.”

The 51-year-old star was in the area as his group Bon Jovi were playing at the nearby MGM Grand that night as part of their world tour.

He was at the chapel because Branka Delic, an Australian Bon Jovi superfan, had persuaded him to walk her down the aisle on her big day.

Bon Jovi tied the knot with his high school sweetheart at the very same chapel 24 years ago, and Lise and John were set to take their vows 10 minutes before the superfan.

Lise said: “He was really nice, asking where we were from and what we were doing in Vegas.

“We are both fans. I have seen him perform before about 10 years ago. He is one of those people that everybody knows. We are not massive fans, but we were in awe.”

Lise, aged 35, and John, aged 45, both from Leeds, knew each other from childhood but only got together two years ago, after getting back in touch through Facebook.

The couple recently had a son Ted, who is six months old, in addition to their other children Leo, aged five, and Emily, aged 18.

None of the couple’s family travelled with them to America, but the ceremony was recorded on DVD, and Lise says they always had their heart set on Vegas for their wedding.

She added: “I have always wanted to go and get married there. We are both party people occasionally when the children allow it.

“It is just one of those places that everybody wonders what it is like, and it was amazing.”

The trip was originally in doubt just days before they set off, after Lise’s mother June, who was due to look after the children, broke her arm.

However John’s daughter Emily stepped in to save the day so the couple could have their special day in Vegas on October 12.

Lise added: “It was an amazing day and we were still in shock for the rest of the evening. It is one of those experiences you will never forget.”