CRACKED and uneven paving stones alongside a busy stretch of road in Whitefield are a danger to safety, say residents.

At last week’s Whitefield and Unsworth Township Forum meeting, it was claimed that several people had sustained injuries from tripping over the paving stones, which are located on Radcliffe New Road, at its junction with Bury New Road.

Bury Council has since announced that pavement repairs will be carried out on the road within the next couple of weeks.

One casualty was Elizabeth Irwin, wife of Ken Irwin, of Wingate Drive, who attended the meeting.

Mr Irwin, a retired journalist aged 78, said that his wife had to be treated by paramedics for an hour after falling over in November.

He added that this was the second time she had tripped on paving slabs in the same area, after tripping on them over three years ago.

He said: “It is time the council got their priorities right. These paving stones are an accident waiting to happen.

“The whole pavement needs to be relayed. The council have had these paving stones on record for three years and they have done nothing.”

Mr Irwin also claimed that he had counted 14 paving stones which were cracked or broken on the road.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Irwin added: “I know it’s a matter of money, but there has been so many accidents in this particular area.

“My wife didn’t leave the house for two weeks after her fall. She’s really too upset to talk about it.”

The concern has been echoed by Mr Lutfur Rahman, manager of the Forts of India restaurant, outside where some of the damaged paving stones lie.

Mr Rahman, aged 39, said: “These problems have been going on for years. It’s bad for business when people are tripping over outside our restaurant. Somebody one day could have a serious fall.

“I know the council has a budget, but safety should come first.”

A council spokesman said: “We have received Mr Irwin’s letter and we will be sending him a full answer in due course. We are due to carry out some pavement works on Radcliffe New Road in the next couple of weeks.”