PRESENTS designed to make the lives of disabled youngsters easier were delivered to their eager recipients by a Radcliffe charity.

Last month, kids with physical disabilities and learning difficulties received special toys and equipment funded by new organisation Ethan’s Gift.

The charity is founded by mum-of-two Karen Hogg, of Pilkington Road and is named after Radcliffe eight-year-old Ethan Crawford.

Millwood Primary Special School pupil Ethan, who uses a wheelchair and has a congenital brain condition and learning difficulties, is the grandson of two of the charity’s trustees.

He is one of the first children Ethan’s Gift have been able to help and was given an iPad containing special programmes designed to improve his speech and development.

Karen said: “Ethan is currently learning many new words and his talking is coming along nicely.

“With the help of this communication device, Ethan’s speech will go from strength to strength.”

Last year Ethan’s Gift also raised money for Ramsbottom 11-year-old Hannah Petterson, who has rare chromosomal condition 1p36 deletion syndrome.

Wheelchair-bound Hannah has curvature of the spine and Ethan’s Gift trustees were able to buy her a special cushioned mould so she can comfortably sit upright unaided.

Karen added: “It is amazing to see Hannah sitting comfortably on the couch – something which wouldn’t have been safe or comfortable for her before.

“The thought of her being able to sit and watch TV with her family is truly fantastic and something which so many of us take for granted.

“We are still trying to publicise our charity and want as many families as possible to come to us for help with purchasing equipment.”

Ethan’s Gift also funded the purchase of a bubble tube for the bedroom of a young man who has profound and multiple learning difficulties and severe medical problems.

Currently they are raising money to buy another bubble tube for a boy who has Down’s Syndrome, complex health needs including a tracheotomy and challenging behaviour.

The charity have also set a fundraising target of more than £2,500 to purchase sensory equipment for a boy with autism.

Ethan’s Gift has now raised the £5,000 needed to be registered as an official charity and other future events planned include a charity party night and three-legged pub crawl.

On February 16, 38 people aged 18 to 74 will be taking on the Muddy Shoes event in Calder Vale for Ethan’s Gift – a five or 11 mile run, walk or crawl in wet and muddy conditions.

For more information or to make a donation: go to