A mother has launched a petition calling on Bury Council to tackle persistent dog fouling in Unsworth.

Claire Fawcett, of Wavell Drive, says pavements near Unsworth Primary School have been plagued by dog excrement, which is being trodden in by schoolchildren.

The campaign led by Mrs Fawcett, whose seven-year-old Charlie attends the school, and three-year-old Billy goes to the school’s nursery, has received the backing of the school.

She said: “It has been getting worse, affecting children and parents walking to school.

“The council has said it will move it within five days, but by the time they have cleaned it, the children have already stepped in it.

“It has always been a problem. I have been taking my son to school for three years, but in the past six to eight months it has got worse.”

The petition has gathered more than 120 signatures and Mrs Fawcett hopes it will raise the profile of the problem. She added: “We are hoping to raise awareness and get the message across, that people should just take their rubbish home.”

Headteacher Christine Reynolds said: “We have been very concerned about dog fouling on pavements and the health and safety issues our children have encountered on their way to school, for example stepping on to the road to avoid it.

“We support the work of our parents who have highlighted the situation and raised awareness by featuring the details of how to complete the petition online in our school newsletter. We appreciate the support of dog owners and acknowledge that the majority are very responsible.”

Cllr David Jones said: “We have got our cleaners to sort out the immediate problem, but that does not stop the cause. If we catch dog foulers, we will prosecute them.”

The petition closes on February 26. To view it: visit www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3819