A LOOKALIKE who gets treated like a VIP because of his resemb-lance to Will.i.am came face to face with his doppelganger for the first time.

Lewis Bojang, aged 37, from Tottington, is the same height and same build as The Voice judge and Black Eyed Peas musician.

Even their birthdays are just days apart.

The dispatch controller, who is originally from The Gambia, is constantly mistaken for the star – turning heads and being asked to pose for photographs when he is out and about.

Earlier this year, Lewis and wife Karen watched The Voice being recorded and he was lucky enough to chat to and shake hands with with the man himself.

Lewis, of Bury Road, said: “When Will.i.am first spotted me he didn’t even concentrate on the show because he kept looking at me.

“He kept saying wow, the resemblance is shocking.

“After the show we spoke to him and he is so nice and humble, despite what a big star he is.

“He likes to give opportunities and chances to everyone – other celebrities are not interested in their lookalikes but he is completely different.

“He sat in my seat in the audience next to Karen and asked me to sit on his big red chair.

“He gave me his private email to keep in touch – and now he follows me on Twitter.”

During the pre-recording of the show, Lewis was invited to dance on stage with Will.i.am’s fellow judges Kylie Minougue and Ricky Wilson and hopes to attend the live shows later this year.

He has undertaken professional lookalike jobs in London and Blackpool, is set to work with a DJ in Sweden and wants to have vocalist training to perfect Will.i.am’s American accent.

When Lewis goes out dressed in quirky clothes similar to what the star wears he is offered free drinks and the VIP treatment because people are certain he is the star.

Lewis added: “I’m definitely happy to be Will.i.am’s lookalike.

“He makes me feel welcome to do it and that is a big thing for me.

“It is great to put a smile on people’s faces and I just want to pass on the message about what a great guy he is.”