TWO women who took part in a “breathtaking” trek to the site of Machu Picchu and helped raise more than £15,000 for charity.

Michelle Thornhill and Sarah Renwick, embarked on a four-day 43km journey in aid of Sport Relief and the ADHD Foundation.

Michelle, who is a nurse and operations director at the ADHD foundation, and Sarah, who works as a nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary, climbed to the 15th century Inca site, which is 7,970ft above sea level in Peru.

Michelle, aged 53, who had never done anything similar before, said completing the trek was one of the most “gruelling and rewarding” challenges she had undertaken.

She said: “At some points of the trek, particularly when we had reached the rainforest, we had to battle through cloud and torrential rain.

“Then at other points, the sun was scorching, which made climbing uphill a real challenge! Reaching the top and taking in the most breathtaking views of one of the Seven Wonders of the World from the Inca Sun Gate was indescribable though, and knowing that we were raising money for such a worthwhile cause really helped to spur us on when the going got tough.”

Michelle, of Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom, and Sarah, of Lever Street, Radcliffe, were part of a team of 18-strong team.

Tony Lloyd, acting chief executive officer of the ADHD Foundation, and one of the climbers, added: “The sense of camaraderie on the trek was brilliant and although the Inca Trail was very tough at times, we had so much fun from the moment we got off the plane to the moment we landed back in Manchester.

“We are incredibly grateful to Michelle, Sarah and the people of Bury who sponsored them.”

The ADHD Foundation was set up in 2007 to raise money for children and families living with the condition, which affects about 500,000 children across the country. Characteristics of the condition include hyperactivity and low emotional resilience.