A LUCKY Bury mum with an appetite for recycling can now tuck into a mouthwatering Easter egg.

Katherine Brooks and her five-year-old daughter Alice won the individually designed egg at the recent Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival.

The individually designed egg, donated by Bury Council’s recycling awareness team, was branded “Recycle 50 per cent for Bury” and created by Slattery’s of Whitefield.

Along with more than 100 other residents at the festival, Katherine, who lives in Walmersley, entered the free prize draw by taking the “Recycle more for Bury” pledge and committing to recycle 50 per cent or more of her family’s household waste.

Pledgers also agree to a range of other “green” actions, including: only using their rubbish bin for waste they cannot recycle; recycling all the right items in the right bin; and not using plastic bags in any of their recycling bins.

Cllr Mike Connolly, leader of Bury Council, said: “The family also chose to take advantage of our offer to slim their rubbish bin for free, so I’m sure they will be keen to stand by their pledge to recycle 50 per cent or more.”

Residents who wish to take the pledge online can do so now by going to bury.gov.uk/recycling-pledge or, to downsize a rubbish bin for free, visit www.bury.gov.uk/requestabin.