A GROUP of Ramsbottom fresh food enthusiasts will hold a special event to welcome in the spring on Sunday.

Incredible Edible Ramsbottom is holding a ‘Blossail’ party at Holly Mount Orchard, in Holly Mount Lane, Greenmount.

The group usually holds a ‘Wassail’ at the start of the year, an old pagan festival which involves singing to an apple tree for a good harvest in the autumn.

However, due to bad weather in the past two years, it is holding a different type of event this weekend.

It will include a mixture of Wassail and a blossom festival to welcome the spring to the orchard at Holly Mount.

The day will include a range of music, food and refreshments at the orchard to celebrate the festival.

People can also take part in a tour of the orchard to learn how it was restored, and discover the different varieties of apples and pears which are grown there.

Simon Ladds, from the group, said: “There will be lots of food on offer, and music from people playing the double bass, violin and guitar.

“With bad weather in previous years, we are hoping to bless the orchard for the following year to make sure we get a good harvest.”

The event runs from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.