A MOTORIST was left with a broken wrist after he was the victim of a road rage incident in Bury.

Tom Corbett was driving to the shops with his wife Brenda when a car cut across him in Manchester Road at about 4.45pm on Friday, May 23, near to the BP garage.

The 56-year-old said he flashed his lights in frustration, but the motorist made an offensive gesture to him, got out of his car and confronted Mr Corbett.

As Mr Corbett opened his car door, the man slammed the door shut, causing his wrist to bend back and break.

The driver, who was in a white car, then sped off along Hampson Mill Lane.

Mr Corbett said: “The car came up on the right hand side and started to cut across, as the two lanes merged into one.

“He didn’t indicate or anything like that, and he just pulled in front of me. I flashed my lights and then he stuck the middle finger up at me. He got out of the car and smashed my hand on the side of the car. As soon as it happened I thought I had broken my wrist, so after I dropped my wife off at the shops I went to the hospital.”

Mr Corbett, who works as an architect in London, but returns home to Parkhills Road, Bury at the weekends, is now expected to be in plaster for a month.

He added: “It was just ridiculous. There was no reason for it at all. It was completely unprovoked, and it is annoying that I will be in plaster for the next few weeks.”

Police are investigating the attack. PC Aaron McFadden, of Bury police, said: “The age of the victim is worrying. He is not elderly but he is older and for someone to do this in broad daylight and at rush hour is quite shocking.”

Mr Corbett said the man looked to be aged in his late 20s, was well built, tanned, had short hair, and was wearing a skin-tight T-shirt. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 8181 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.