A “HAPPY” couple have created an extraordinary keepsake from their wedding in Mexico — and it has become an internet smash-hit.

Andy and Jennifer Lang commissioned a film of their special day to be made in the style of a music video, to the tune of Pharrell Williams’ hit single Happy.

It features the couple, as well as members of both families, dancing and miming to the track.

Andy, who is originally from Redvales, and Jennifer decided they wanted a video of their big day. However, they wanted something different, breaking away from the traditional video but nothing too cheesy.

They approached a company based in Mexico which had never produced a wedding video in that style but they took on the challenge and put their creative skills to good use.

The video has now had more than 8,000 views on YouTube, a figure which continues to rise.

Andy, whose dad Phil works at Brandlesholme Service Station and mum Val works in the register office at Bury Town Hall, said: “Because we were getting married abroad, we wanted a video to remember it and show friends and family, so we approached several companies but we weren’t happy with what they were offering, a lot of it was very cheesy.

“I wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but my missus brought me round.

“It is a bit wooden at first. We started in the morning when everyone had just had breakfast, but when everyone had had a few drinks everyone was livelier.”

The couple, who met while working together at a money advice company in Manchester, were followed by cameras throughout their big day on May 14.

Andy, aged 30, said: “You didn’t forget the cameras were there, but you just went with it.

“They followed us around all day, and made us do different dances during breaks.

“I would recommend it 100 per cent.

“We had a reception at The Village Hotel in Bury after we got back for everybody who hadn’t been at the wedding, and the reaction was unbelievable.

“We ended up playing it twice.”

Andy said the music track — which has sold more than 1.3 million copies in the UK alone — was a fitting choice for the day.

He added: “It is quite funky, pretty simple, and it doesn’t have many words, so it was easy to learn. It summed up the atmosphere of the wedding.”