A PROJECT to build a memorial wall commemorating Ramsbottom’s fallen has been scrapped after a dispute between the church and organisers.

Instead, the Ramsbottom War Memorial Wall Project Team is now hoping to extend the existing war memorial in the gardens of St Paul’s Church, and add a plinth to inscribe the names of the town’s war dead.

The Manchester Diocese of the Church of England, which owns the land, were not in favour of the original plans, and instead wanted the memorial wall to be built along the wall which divides the garden from the police station.

However, the project team argued that that would not be suitable, because when people attended remembrance events, half would have their backs to the wall, while others would have their view of it obscured.

Bury Council, the church and the organisers are now all on board with the plans, but it is unlikely they will be in place in time for Remembrance Day in November.

Martin Wiggam, project manager at the Ramsbottom War Memorial Project, said he was disappointed that the original plans had not materialised.

He said: “Of course we are disappointed, but there is no point crying over spilt milk, and we are doing something else now. We are now in the early stages of planning for the new proposal, but unfortunately we won’t be able to get things in place for November.”

Mr Wiggam says the group is still inviting donations and support to help them create the lasting memorial to the 411 servicemen and women Ramsbottom lost in World War One, and the 64 who died in World War Two.

The town will come to a standstill on August 4 to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, and Mr Wiggam says similarly to the D-day event at the church in June, residents will read out the names of those from Ramsbottom who died during the conflict.

The event will start at noon, and people attending will be invited to make their way to the Memorial Gardens in Bridge Street by 11.45am, as there will be no marching band or parade.

For more details, e-mail martinwiggam@talktalk.net or visit ramsbottommemorialwallproject.co.uk