STARSTRUCK Derby High pupils attended a world premiere screening at Bury’s Vue Cinema — of their own film.

Around 25 talented teenagers had worked with professionals on the production of an hour-long animation entitled “The Sky’s the Limit.”

The film was shown at the cinema along with three, shorter separate animations created by Derby High teachers along with staff and pupils at three feeder primary schools.

The evening also featured performances from dancers, musicians, artists and science buskers from the high school in Radcliffe Road, Bury.

Assistant head and director of arts Lynn Provoost disclosed that the school had earlier been approached by Dr Lynne Bianchi of Manchester University to make an animation to promote science to primary children.

Together with the Ideas Foundation, a charity which supports The Derby, the children got to work on the project.

Ms Provoost continued: “Our students came up with a stunning animation. Working with scriptwriter David Hanson (Hollyoaks, Coronation Street), animator Paul Covela (Bob Builder, Pingu), professional textiles expert Sam French and production company, Captive North, our students didn’t just rise to the challenge, they surpassed all our expectations.

"Their exceptional talent has achieved something quite remarkable.

“Although this year’s project was a truly ambitious one for any professional company, let alone a group of year nine students, we had confidence in our students.”

Ms Provoost added: “As an additional strand to the project, teachers from The Derby have been working with Year Five students and staff from three of our feeder primary schools, Radcliffe Hall, St Andrew’s and St Peter’s, on a literacy, arts and science project.

“Over the past term we have collaborated with our colleagues in the primary schools to write stories and produce stop frame animations based on the adventures of characters created through drama and dance workshops.

"The three animations featured alongside ‘The Sky's The Limit.’”