A NEW community cask ale pub is hoping to bring a slice of retro to Tottington.

The Globe, in Tottington Road, is under new management with Will Parry and his partner Amanda Hampson taking over the reins.

They are planning to renovate the pub and ride the wave of the recent surge in popularity of the vinyl, using vintage speakers, pictured and vinyl records in the pub.

The new owners want to create a vintage feel to the pub, and hope to host ’60s and ’70s nights using their speakers, as well as catering for older patrons during the day by playing ’50s music.

They are also searching for quirky and unique items for the pub, and currently have a drinks globe, an old Boddington’s mirror and a Kenyons milk bottle. Will, who has previously been involved with Manchester’s Font bar and Odd Bar, as well as the Cornerhouse cinema, hopes to bring a flavour of the city centre and South Manchester bars to Bury. He said: “We were thinking about trying to open in South Manchester, but the market is pretty saturated there.

“Having been to a lot of pubs in Bury, there was a feeling that something was missing in the market, and we hope we can fulfil that.”

Will, aged 44, added: “I have observed people during my time in pubs, and you can tell if the music is too loud.

“We want to have great music but not get to the situation where people can’t talk to each other.”

Renovation work is still being carried out, but the pub is set to open in the evenings from Tuesday. A date for a launch party is still to be announced.