BUILDERS say inconsiderate residents are dumping household waste in specialist skips – costing them money to have it removed.

Pete Lowe, the owner of Lowe Maintenance, said the problem has flared up since Bury Council implemented three-weekly household waste collections last month.

Mr Lowe, aged 32, said his company hires skips to correctly dispose of building waste during renovations they carry out.

But since the collection changes, workers are discovering bin bags full of nappies, food and other household rubbish in their skips, which they have to pay to have removed.

Mr Lowe, of Milbourne Road, Walmersley, said: “Since the three-weekly bin collections, people are just dumping everything, all their household rubbish, in any skip they see.

“This means the skip companies we hire from will not come and collect it if it is too full, because they have to pay fines for disposing of this type of rubbish. So the building companies get hit with costs."

Mr Lowe said a skip left at a house in Milltown Street over the weekend was piled three foot higher than it should have been with household waste.

He added: “People need to realise that the sight of a skip is not a free for all.”

John Frost, officer manager at M60 Skip Hire, agreed more rubbish than ever was being dumped in skips across the borough since the collection changes.

M60 Skip Hire, which is based in Tile Street, Bury, is governed by the Environment Agency and so can be liable for a fine for even bringing domestic waste into its yard.

Mr Frost said: “It is terrible – we are having a big problem with people dumping household rubbish on top of our skips."

Last month, Bury Council said there was no evidence to suggest “bin contamination”, where people dumped the wrong sort of rubbish in other people’s bins, was becoming a problem.