PUPILS at Summerseat Methodist Primary School swapped their pens for Viking weapons as part of a fun history day.

Children at the school in Rowlands Road spent the day exploring the life of Vikings as part of their Year 3 and 4 curriculum.

The pupils, aged seven to nine, dressed up in traditional costume, wearing tunics and headwear, brought in by enthusiast Gary Waidson, owner of Lore and Saga, a company which visits schools teaching about life as a Viking.

Year 3 and 4 teacher Lindsay Graham said: “The children loved it.

“They got to make clay pots to put tea lights in like the Vikings would have used to light their homes and loved dressing up.

“It was a really good consolidation of our knowledge and they could relate to everything Viking Waidson was talking about.

“It was a great way to round off their learning about the Vikings having Mr Waidson visit, instead of having to ship them all on a coach for a trip.”

The class of 31 took turns alternating between different activities, including staging battles using spears and shields and using muslin cloth to draw board games and making counters out of clay.