A BURY woman is fighting for her life after a road smash in Thailand, sparking an urgent appeal for help.

Lucy Hill was on a moped in the northern city of Chiang Mai when it was hit by a car on Saturday morning.

The 21-year-old was taken to the city’s hospital and treated for a bleed on her brain and a broken hip.

Lucy is in a serious condition and lost a great deal of blood during surgery.

Her blood type is A Negative, which is rare among Thais and so friends and family want people who are in or near the city to go to the hospital if they can donate blood.

On Facebook, Lucy’s friend Lauren Hall wrote: “If anyone is around and is A Negative blood type please can you contact myself on Facebook, call me on +61 484346507 or head to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and say it is to be donated to Lucy Anne Hill at Rajavej Hospital?

“I understand it is your holiday but this is my friend. It doesn't take long and it will do a great thing.”

British tourists this morning said that dozens of people had flocked to the hospital to help.


On Facebook, Jon Manley said: "I was able to donate.

"The waiting room was packed and at least seven or eight people were able to donate while we were there. Hope for a happy ending."

Jamie Edwards added: "Me and my brother have just left the hospital.

"In times like this, I know nothing can make you feel better but take a positive out of the fact that the waiting room was full of tourists from many different countries all waiting to donate for Lucy. Hope she makes a speedy recovery!"

Leanne Phillips said: "Me an my friend have been I tested positive.

"I was able to donate for Lucy. I hope more people are the same." 

Lucy's father Phil, said: "I would just like to thank all our family, friends and there general public (both home and abroad) who have all offered there help and support with our daughter Lucy.

"It is extraordinarily humbling and overwhelming how people react.

"Words can't express how grateful we are.

"Special thanks to Lauren who has been unbelievably amazing out there."

Thailand is seven hours ahead of UK time and blood donations closed at 4pm local time on Monday.

Anyone who can donate tomorrow is being asked to take identification with them.

Lucy’s mother Alison has flown from the UK to Chiang Mai.

Lucy’s close friend Alex Warren has set up an online fundraising page to pay for her medical costs.

In the first 17 hours of the appeal, 100 people donated a total of £1,893. Click here for information.

Lucy studied at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds.

The university deputy vice chancellor, Professor Paul Smith, said: "Our thoughts are with Lucy Hill and her family at this difficult time. 

"I’ve spoken with Lucy’s travelling companion Lauren Hall this morning and have offered our support in raising awareness through all our available channels to help ensure that Lucy has continued access to Type A Negative blood.

"We will continue to provide further updates as we receive them on how people can support Lucy through our social media channels."