YOUNGSTERS from two Radcliffe primary schools have been finding their pop star talent.

Pupils from Millwood Primary Special School and Wesley Methodist Primary have spent the week working with Pop UK, an organisation which runs singing projects at schools across the country.

And the children showed off the results and demonstrated their singing skills in two spectacular concerts before their families and friends.

Helen Chadwick, headteacher at Millwood Primary School, was left amazed at the quality of the performances and the confidence displayed by pupils.

She told the Radcliffe Times: "Pop UK go into schools and teach children to perform in a highly professional way and use state-of-the-art equipment.

"They enable the children to produce a CD from their songs and it was a great opportunity for our pupils to work with music industry professionals.

"It was really fantastic. It brought out things in the children that I didn't know were there.

"It was amazing to see what it did for their self esteem. The confidence it gave them to perform in front of parents, both at Millwood and at Wesley Methodist School, was wonderful.

"The concerts were a great chance for parents to see what their children can accomplish when they work together."