A PRIMARY school in Radcliffe was judged to require improvement in its latest Ofsted report.

Radcliffe Hall COE Primary, in Bury Street, which has 327 pupils on the roll, was given the grade on March 10, following a good rating from inspectors in October 2012.

The report said inconsistencies were found in the approaches to teaching, learning and behaviour and that some of the teaching did not help pupils to achieve well. Inspectors found that teaching of grammar, punctuation and reading was strong however and that pupil’s safety was well controlled.

The report read: “Leaders have an overgenerous view of the school and do not use self-evaluation rigorously enough to identify how to improve pupils’ progress quickly. Some teaching does not help pupils to achieve well and teachers’ expectations are not high enough and vary from class to class.”

The report added that provision in the early years is good and that children get a good start to their education but that governors rely too heavily on the information given to them by leaders.

Head of Radcliffe Hall, Ms Denise Luke, said: “We are pleased that the inspectors recognised that building work had slowed improvements to teaching and learning. Whilst we are disappointed that inspectors could not find enough evidence to show we had improved quickly enough, we are pleased that this gives staff a clear focus as we move forward.

“We are confident that all the issues identified in the report will have been addressed when inspectors return in a year.”