MOTORISTS are being warned not to abuse blue badge permits.

The reminder follows the prosecution of seven people at Bury Magistrates Court for displaying blue badges when the badge holders were not present.

They were fined a total of £1,910 including costs and victim surcharges.

A council spokesman said: “The aim of the blue badge scheme is to provide easy access to work and leisure for people who are genuinely disabled.

“Some people deliberately abuse the system, using badges which belong to another person in order to avoid paying to park or to park in restricted areas.

“Others seem to forget that the blue badge holder must be in the vehicle, as a driver or a passenger, when the badge is being used.

“It is important that the blue badge holder knows the rules because it’s their responsibility to make sure anyone else using the badge uses it correctly.

“We are committed to making sure that blue badges are used correctly and that there are parking spaces available for genuine blue badge holders.”

Anyone who suspects that a blue badge is being wrongly used can report it at