A TODDLER was rescued by the fire brigade after his foot became trapped in his baby gate. 

Kai Haslam, aged 3, was unhurt in the incident at his home in Wash Lane, Bury and was even treated to a trip aboard the fire engine afterwards. 

His mum, Georgina McHugh, aged 37, said: "We were just brushing our teeth upstairs and he was chucking his toys downstairs.

“He stood up on the baby gate and his foot slipped through.”

Miss McHugh saw Kai slip, while his father Stuart Haslam was out on a course, she rushed over to him and tried to work his foot free.

She said: “I panicked he was stuck and he started crying. I had to climb over the gate and run downstairs and get my phone.”

Miss McHugh called the fire service who arrived and were able to free Kai in just a few minutes by prising the bars apart.

Afterwards Kai got to wear a fire helmet and sit in the back of the engine.