I HAVE been reading last week's Guide and I can't help but wonder if our local council has ever been outside Bury recently?

The library fiasco is caused by years of Labour financial mismanagement and six years when they kept rates as the previous year.

When they do this, one thinks they know what they are doing, and don't need an increase.

But, two years later, they hit us with the library bombshell. I think most people would have accepted a 5 per cent increase each year to avoid the current situation.

They must have thought they were okay in their infinite wisdom, but their thinking was seriously flawed.

How can these people in public office let the ratepayers down so badly?.

The cost of saving the Libraries — just over £1.5 million.

If that figure rings a bell, it is the cost of the new road scheme/fiasco. Prestwich is already grid-locked with horror stories — half an hour from Hilton Lane to The Village, half an hour from Slattery to Tesco.

Did anyone go down and see what goes on at rush hour or did anyone think about a dummy run with rail sleepers set out as the road would be?

I think the retailers are kidding themselves if they think that will create extra trade.

What would people want to stop for? They'll be too busy exploring new rat runs.

Ian Hunsley

Anfield Close