IN last week's Guide the LibDems state that the £10m investment in the roads is "nowhere near enough".

If this is the case then why didn't they put increased spending on the roads down as an amendment to the budget for Bury which was decided in February?

I've provided a copy of their amendment to the Guide as proof.

The LibDems moan at everything but do nothing, they ran Prestwich from 2008 until 2011 and their sole achievement besides propping up the Conservatives in council was car park charges on Fairfax Road. Their leaflets moan about pot holes but again nothing in the budget amendment for increased spending to repair them.

Their leaflets ramble on about "destroying the Green Belt " but the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework document which they protest about was actually drawn up by ex Cllr Sue Derbyshire of the Stockport LibDems. If anyone needs reminding about the LibDems saying one thing and doing another it's summed up in two words: tuition fees.

Cllr Alan Quinn

Labour, Sedgley Ward

Whittaker Lane