THE Brexit referendum and all the issues associated with it, I have come to believe, are manna from heaven for the Tory government.

They have deflected the people's attention from the many ills and injustices which have arisen in the years of Tory rule.

Great Britain is, as present, an unhealthy, environmentally filthy, economically unequal, unhappy nation.

Crime and corruption are rife.

Hard-working young couples are being denied the opportunity to become homeowners due to our gutless banks and the existence of a table of grasping landlords.

Workplaces have become under the dominance of heartless, cynical owners who, protected and supported by Tory legislation, treat their employees like dirt, due to zero-hours contracts and a contempt for trade unions.

It has become apparent to me that those who voted to leave the EU also voted for for change in society generally — a fairer place to live than the wretched abode the Tories have misruled for years.

Theresa May, their leader, is now seen as some kind of saviour, but don't be fooled — as a Tory, she will pursue (in tandem with our departure fro the EU) classic Tory governance.

This smokescreen of Brexit is in truth a godsend for the Conservative.

The Crescent