I WAS bemused to read the letter from former Radcliffe Conservative councillor Sam Hurst (4 May).

He accuses Labour of "abandoning" Radcliffe, but his subsequent reasons for this assertion simply don’t stack up. In response:

1 When the Conservatives were in control of Bury Council, they made the decision to close Radcliffe’s last remaining high school

2 At a time of massive cuts to the council budget, Labour has been able to retain leisure facilities (gym and swimming pool) in Radcliffe and these have been extended to include facilities for hall sport and gym classes

3 Radcliffe Civic Hall was closed and Radcliffe Library is under threat because the Conservative Government cut a massive £100 million from the council budget and the blame lies firmly at their door. Radcliffe Labour councillors will fight to save the library from closure.

4 The Labour council has invested £1 million in the Market Hall, £1.5 million in leisure facilities and £2 million on the bus station, as well as attracting businesses to the area such as the Dunelm flagship call centre and a new Lidl, improving the local economy and creating nearly 300 jobs in Radcliffe

5 The council Tax increase was in fact 1.94 per cent, with a further 3 per cent social care precept introduced by the Conservatives. The Conservative Government are inadequately funding social care services and have instead chosen to pass this cost on to residents.

Labour is committed to investing in Radcliffe and protecting local services.

Thankfully, Labour have now stepped in to protect Radcliffe from his Government’s cuts as far as we possibly can and to invest in our town.

Karen Leach

Labour Candidate in Radcliffe By-Election 2017