CAN you please explain to me what the point is of people going to university?

My son left Bury/Bolton university in September, 2016, with a degree with honours in international tourism management, and since leaving has applied for more than 400 jobs.

I know it is a dog-eat-dog world out there, but he now feels he has wasted the past five years of his life. He is passionate about travel, and would love to work in the travel industry in some capacity, but unfortunately everything requires experience.

I feel that he is in a no-win situation as I think to get on in life you have to know the right people.

He has worked all through university at a local social club, but obviously this is not going to pay the rent, so much so he worked two jobs just before Christmas, but the second job was a zero-hours contract, so after Christmas he was lucky to get one shift a week.

He just recently got through all the hurdles for a Thomas Cook apprenticeship but apparently he is "over qualified" — ridiculous!

How will he ever get a break with an attitude like this from employers, and zero-hours contracts?

All he wants to do is work — a good thing for the youth of today, if you ask me.

So come on, employers, give these graduates a break!

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