I enjoyed reading the letters from Labour Cllr O'Brien and Nathan Boroda claiming I am from London.

To clarify, I live in Whitefield, where I grew up.

I went to Whitefield CP Nursery and Higher Lane Primary, before going to my local comprehensive, Philips High.

Indeed, Radcliffe Labour Councillor Catherine Preston used to be one of my teachers at Philips. I did my A-levels at Holy Cross.

My first job was at Asda Radcliffe, to help pay for my studies at Manchester University.

Growing up, I played rugby at Sedgley Park and cricket at Stand.

I did spend some time living in London for work.

The main reason was because when I left Manchester University back at the height of the credit crunch, there were very few jobs available thanks to the last Labour Government under Gordon Brown.

My family have deep local roots.

My dad grew up as one of eight children in Broughton.

He used to work as a postman with a route in Broughton Park.

My granddad was a plasterer who worked on the construction of the first synagogue in Park Lane in Whitefield.

My parents first home after getting married was off Park Road in Prestwich.

They still live in Whitefield.

I love this area and want to do what I can to help make this an even better place to live.

That is why I am standing at this election.

Robert Largan

Conservative Candidate for Bury South