A BOLTON restaurateur has changed the name of a burger after complaints it was racist and offensive.

Franco Sotgiu, who owns the Solita chain across Greater Manchester, said he did not mean to upset people when he named the special burger, which has a black bun, the ‘Purpleteryaki’.

The name was a reference to Akinwale Arobieke – better known as Purple Aki – a black bodybuilder from Liverpool who gained notoriety for approaching young men and touching their muscles.

The burger, which has become the fastest-selling special of the year for Solita, has now had its name changed to the ‘Black Once Again for the Teriyaki Master’.

Mr Sotgiu said: “The name for this week’s special burger was suggested in one of our burger naming competitions on Twitter and was the name with the most likes.

“When we were made aware that the name could be construed as racist, we changed the name.

“We apologise for any offence caused, it was certainly not our intention to do so.”

The restaurant often asks customers and followers on social media for help in naming special items on its menus.

The burger is made up of a dyed black bun, influenced by Japanese burger restaurants, teriyaki and pickled vegetable slaw.

Arobieke was jailed for harassing young men in 2003 and last year a court order was lifted banning him from touching people's muscles.

His nickname itself was racially charged - the suggestion being he was “so black he’s purple”.

Initially, the board advertising the burger included a picture of a black hand squeezing a man’s bicep.

BBC Three documentary focuses on Akinwale Arobieke aka 'Purple Aki' - the man who squeezes muscles

Ian Hughes posted on Twitter: "Still trying to get my head around how nobody at Solita piped up to suggest giving a burger in a black bun a racist nickname isn't sound."

Another user said: "As if Solita have actually called a burger Purple Teriyaki."

But other customers seemed to like the name, with one Tweeting: "I'd be offended if you didn't call the burger Purple Teryaki."