A MOTHER from Radcliffe has spoken of her worry after she awaits news from America that her daughter is safe in Florida amidst the eye of Hurricane Irma.

Edna Gibson, aged 82, of Sunningdale Avenue, says she is yet to hear further updates from daughter Yvonne Sermak and her husband David as the storm sweeps the state.

It is thought that the couple, who live in Key West; an island city more than 100 miles south of Miami, have been homed in a shelter for the last two days after being forced to abandon their homes.

Although hearing that the pair may be safe, Mrs Gibson says she now just needs to hear her daughter’s voice to put her mind at ease.

She said: “I haven’t actually spoken to Yvonne since Saturday night where she told me that her and David along with many others in Key West had taken precautions for the impending hurricane hitting the island.

“She told me that they were going to be placed in a shelter until the eye of the storm had passed.

“I received word on Sunday from David’s father in New York that he believes that they are safe but I just want to hear her voice now so that I know for certain.

“Even if they are safe and sound then it looks as though their home is going to be destroyed so I am very worried."

UPDATE: Radcliffe mum's relief after daughter trapped in deadly Hurricane Irma reports back safe and well

Yvonne, aged 52, was born in Radcliffe before emigrating to the States in 1989 with her daughter Alyssa.

After first working as a dancer on cruise ships, she now manages two guest houses in the main street that runs through Key West, Duval Street.

Mrs Gibson said: “I have since heard that the whole of Key West is now without power and running water so I just hope that the storm moves on sooner rather than later.”

She added that many people on the island decided not to evacuate north because they would not be able to get far enough away from the hurricane.

She said: “Florida is a very big state and it looks like most of it is going to be affected by the hurricane so although many have evacuated their homes, in some areas there is just no point.

“In Key West there is only one road out of it towards Miami so Yvonne didn’t evacuate as by the time they had hit the mainland, the storm would probably have caught up with them.”

Reports say Hurricane Irma is showing signs of weakening and could be downgraded to a tropical storm at some point on Monday.

The National Hurricane Centre said the storm 'should continue to lose strength and fall below hurricane intensity' during the day, as it continues its path northwards.

But forecasters have warned the threat to life still remains, as Florida continues to be battered by 100mph winds and torrential rain.

In some areas, search and rescue teams are due to swing into action as daylight reveals the extent of damage wreaked by the storm.

Media reports link at least four deaths to the storm.

For those concerned about a relative or family member in Florida, or any other impacted areas, the Foreign Office has set up a hotline. The number to call is 0207 008 0000.