TONIGHT councillors will call on Bury Council leaders to address the issue of dangerous potholes in Ramsbottom and surrounding villages following the death of an elderly cyclist.

Calls for an urgent pothole inquiry have been made after Roger Hamer, aged 83, suffered a brain injury and later died after the bicycle he was riding hit a pothole in Bury New Road in April last year.

An inquest concluded that Mr Hamer probably hit a pothole that had previously been reported to the council, leading him to fall from his bike.

Ramsbottom councillors, Rob Hodkinson, Ian Bevan and Ian Schofield will make the call at a full meeting of Bury Council at Bury Town Hall tonight.

Cllr Ian Bevan said lessons could be learned by this council, which is why they are putting forward the resolution.

He said: “One of the largest areas of concern raised to me by residents is damage to vehicles caused by potholes. According to the recent Bury Times article - Bury has more vehicles damaged by potholes than any other borough in Greater Manchester.

“A total of 292 claims for damage to vehicles were made to Bury Council during the 2015/2016 period – more than double the previous year.

“There are numerous more residents and visitors injured due to tripping in potholes or falling on the highway.

“In my view, that is simply unacceptable.

“Our resolution calls on Bury Council to ensure that its inspection and repair regime is fit for purpose and has the confidence of local residents and tax payers.

“The council should ensure that reports of potholes from residents are actioned at the earliest opportunity to mitigate the danger they pose to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

“Far too often, potholes and issues on the highway are reported by councillors and residents - and nothing happens. Weeks and months can go by without repair. This is unacceptable.”

If successful, Cllr Bevan said this resolution would instruct the cabinet member for environment to carry out a full review of the council’s highway inspection and maintenance programme to make sure it is tackling the issue of potholes and minimising the risks posed to road users and pedestrians and report its findings at the next full meeting in November.