A FAMILY faces an anxious wait to discover if a dad will recover from a mystery fall which left him in a coma.

Henry Hayes, aged 55, suffered a traumatic brain injury after the incident in Mather Road in Bury as he walked home from the pub.

Mr Hayes was admitted to Salford Intensive Care Unit 11 weeks ago where he spent almost the first month in a coma. Now his devastated family are keeping vigil and have no idea if he will fully recover.

Mr Hayes' wife Dawn, who lives with him in Walmersley, said: "It is all just a complete mystery. The only things that are moving are the fingers on one hand. He has no move movement in his limbs.

"Now he's breathing very well and he recognises everyone - there's nothing wrong with his memory. I can have a conversation with him through lip reading.

"He just keeps asking 'why can't I move?' It has all been a bit of a rollercoaster, you have your good days and your bad days. It's just hard when we can't get any answers."

A 19-year-old woman and her boyfriend found Mr Hayes unconscious at around 12.30pm, and after trying to ring an ambulance, took him to Fairfield General Hospital.

Mrs Hayes was called to the hospital, expecting her husband's injuries to be much less severe. However she realised the severity of the situation when they were taken by ambulance to Salford Royal Hospital.

Mr Hayes was up and about for four days before becoming unresponsive. A CT scan revealed that the fluid on his brain had swelled so he was taken for a five and a half hour operation to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure.

Following the operation, Mr Hayes, was in a coma for three and a half weeks. The scan also revealed that he had a spinal injury at the bottom of his spine.

His family have commended the care that he has received in Salford Intensive Unit.

Mr Hayes' ten-year-old niece, Lilia Hayes, from Prestwich took part in a 5k dog walk through Heaton Park to raise money for the unit.

Lilia said: "I wanted to raise money for the unit to thank them for looking after my uncle."

The High Lane Primary School student recently presented the staff at Salford ICU with a check for £1000.

Assistant Director of Nursing Services Critical Care Claire Blackman said: “We loved meeting Lilia when she came in to hand over her donation. We are incredibly grateful to Lilia for fundraising for the Critical Care Unit. It was such a lovely and thoughtful thing for her to do and we were all so impressed by her. She raised £1,170, which is an incredible amount and will be used to benefit staff and patients on the unit.”