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If you are a regular visitor, then the site will seem a bit different and you may want to take time to explore the pages and get used to the new look and feel.

As part of its makeover, the website can now bring you a richer mix of pictures, audio and video to supplement the strengths of the Bury and Radcliffe Times in print.

And this is not the end - we are continuing to try to improve the site, so any constructive comment is appreciated.

Here are some of the major changes we've made: You now need to register to post your comments at the bottom of stories. Registering for the first time takes a few seconds and once you're signed in you can post comments on any story.

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You will find weather, live traffic information and what's on information on every page of the website, either at the top or in the right-hand column.

The family announcements - births, deaths and marriages - are now in a section called Announcements.

The forum and letters have moved into a section called Your Say.

You may find that some sections have moved, while others may not be working as you expect as we try to fix any bugs.

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