FIVE people were taken to hospital after a car collided with a single-decker bus in Walmersley Road, Bury.

The crash happened at 2pm near the Sun Dial pub on Thursday.

It is thought that the crash happened as the green Nissan Almera car, which was travelling in the direction of Ramsbottom, was turning right into Mosley Avenue.

The four women in the car, all believed to be in their 80s, were able to free themselves. One of the women, a back seat passenger, was taken to hospital on a spine board. Their injuries were not thought to be serious and were described as being ‘walking wounded’.

A pregnant woman, aged 21, who was travelling on the 484 Haslingden to Bury bus, was also taken to Fairfield Hospital for check-up after banging her bump when the bus slammed on its brakes. She is seven-and-a-half months pregnant and suffered pain after the crash.

Watch commander Steve Wilcock, from Bury Fire Station, said: “It was extremely lucky that we weren’t dealing with a more serious incident because single-decker buses are so heavy. When we arrived we found out there was a pregnant lady on the bus that was our primary concern. She bumped her bump on the chair in front.

“Three of the elderly women were walking wounded and one was taken to hospital on a spine board. The bus driver was shaken but was very helpful and gave us information to isolate the bus’ battery.”

Firefighters along with fire service trauma technicians attended to support the injured people until the ambulances arrived.

Police marshalled the road and allowed one lane of traffic to pass alongside the crash for around an hour-and-a-half. Mosley Avenue was closed until the crash was cleared.

Around 15 emergency services vehicles attended.

Police are investigating.