FIREFIGHTERS came to the rescue of a stranded dog who had fallen into a canal.

It is thought the dog, a Yorkshire Terrier type breed, was unable to climb out by itself.

The waterway, which was covered in green ivy, is behind Albert Works in Water Street, Radcliffe and the dog became stuck resting on reeds on the opposite side of the bank.

Crews from Whitefield and Farnworth and the water incident unit from Eccles were called just before 10am on Thursday last week.

Firefighters rescued the small dog using the water incident unit equipment.

But the animal did not appear to be grateful for the help.

One firefighter was bitten by the distressed dog and was taken to hospital for a precautionary checkup.

A passer-by volunteered to take the animal to a local vets for a check-up.

Watch Manager Michael Wilding at Farnworth Fire Station said: “The dog was covered in green algae.

“The owner was not there but it was microchipped.

“A girl who worked for an animal charity said she would take the dog to have it checked over.”

Crews were on the scene for 30 minutes.