A PALLET was set on fire at playing fields.

Firefighters were called to King George V Playing Fields, off Outwood , in Radcliffe at 10pm last night.

They were alerted after a member of the public saw the flames from the car park of nearby takeaway Grilled Hotspot.

Watch manager Tim Eaton said it was believed a group of youths had been setting fire to tree branches and then thrown a wooden pallet on top.

Mr Eaton said: “It was a very straight forward job, it was just the distance, we had to go over two football pitches, it was right in the corner.

“They’ve got bored and someone in the car park has seen the glow in the distance and by the time we had turned out it had died down.

“They are probably there every night, and probably put the fire out and nobody notices but last night, but last night someone has glanced across from the car park and seen the orange glow and flames, it probably looked bigger than it was.”

The crew was at the scene for about half an hour.