DETERMINED residents banded together to prevent trees from being pulled down.

Residents living opposite Tudor Grange development on Spen Moor in Radcliffe, made a stand when they discovered that an oak and a hawthorn tree had been pulled down by Bellway Homes to make way for a housing development.

The homeowners informed Bury Council as they were concerned that the trees may be subject to a protection order.

And they were horrified when they learnt that the developers were planning to cut down seven more trees.

Resident Viv Barlow said: “At first the builders listened to us and left the trees alone, but then they came back at the end of the week with a tree felling company.

“We all came out to tell them that the trees are protected and they cannot pull them down.

“In the end, the council came down on our side and told the developers that they could not chop down the trees. They have absolutely assured us that no more trees will be felled which is absolutely fantastic, and a massive victory for us.”

The Tudor Grange development has previously been subject to controversy in as residents lost a battle to stop it from going ahead.

A spokesman for Bury Council said: “We received complaints from members of the public that two trees had been removed from the site, and we have investigated the matter. The two trees which had been removed were not protected trees, and their removal did not require consent from the council.

“We have spoken to the developers and they have assured us that they do not intend to remove any further trees from the site, whether they are protected or not.”

Bellway Homes was unavailable for comment.