GRAB your popcorn – but only if you’re over 55!

A film club for ‘people of a certain age’ is coming to Radcliffe.

The monthly cinema screening at the Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) Centre in Westminster Avenue, is designed to combat loneliness.

Volunteer manager at the ROC Centre, Les Hartwell, said: “It’s about getting people to work together and getting the elderly folk out of their houses on a Saturday afternoon.

“There’s a lot of lonely people out there, especially widowed ladies. If they aren’t careful they can end up depressed. We can get them out meeting others, they can socialise and meet new friends and old friends and hopefully watch a good movie.

“The other projects that we have set up for this age group have been really successful. We have ballroom dancing and a keep fit class, which already has a waiting list. Even after a few weeks, the group are starting to band together and make new friends, so hopefully that will happen with the cinema too.”

The first film club event will take place on September 16, at 1pm, and will showcase the critically acclaimed La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.