BOSSES at The Rock have defended the actions of their security team after a Bury pensioner was banned from taking photographs.

Mr David Gibbs was approached by two security guards early on Sunday as he was taking pictures of the new development. They told him photographs were not allowed and that they had already stopped others.

Rock chiefs say the taking of photographs or filming activity is “a sensitive area which needs careful vetting”.

The 68-year-old, of Wordsworth Avenue, said: “When I protested, I was advised that everyone is considered a potential terrorist now. They told me I could be permanently banned from the site if I ignored their demand.”

He was told the development was “private propert.”.

Rock centre director Mr David Laycock said: “We obviously expected a large number of people to take photographs at the opening event. However, a lone individual taking photos early on Sunday morning does raise more questions.

“The locals of Bury should feel safe and secure that we are investigating any such incidents for the good of the community.”