Bury Council has confirmed work is planned on four schools in the borough in addition to the proposed merger of Radcliffe Riverside and Derby High.

The other projects earmarked for inclusion in the first £80 million phase of the Building Schools for the Future programme are:

• Elton High: to rebuild the school, either on the existing or a new site. The current building is not “fit for purpose” in terms of either condition or suitability. The bulk of the building was constructed in 1954 is showing serious wear and tear signs of its age. Its structure and design inhibits planned development.

The school will establish itself as a centre of excellence for provision in the arts and business and enterprise.

• Elms Bank Specialist Arts College, Whitefield: to rebuild the school, either on the existing or new site. Elms Bank is a secondary special school for pupils with special educational needs. One possibility is to explore the co-location of Elms Bank alongside a mainstream school. A number of schools are keen to explore this option.

• Broad Oak Sports College: between 50 per cent and 70 per cent new build. This could involve a combination of some new construction and some refurbishment and the formation of a community trust with East Ward primary school and other partners.

• Bury Church of England High School: between 20 per cent and 50 per cent new build. The remodelling is designed to develop flexible and adaptable learning spaces and multi-faith access.