I am writing with reference to the recent Ofsted report on Woodhey High School.

I simply cannot understand how Woodhey can be described as inadequate' and I speak as someone who has considerable experience of Woodhey, its students and its staff.

Woodhey is the largest partner school for Holy Cross after the two Catholic schools, St Gabriel's and St Monica's.

Currently there are a total of 127 Woodhey students in college. All of those students are following A level courses. It is interesting to note that over the last four years the average GCSE score for Woodhey students has been significantly above the average score for the whole intake.

In addition, in recent years eight Woodhey students have progressed to Oxford and Cambridge universities from Holy Cross. The behaviour and attitude to work of the Woodhey students are both excellent, as is their involvement in a whole range of activities, including music, drama and sport which the college offers.

On a personal note I have visited Woodhey on many occasions, I have always found the pupils to be courteous and very well behaved. In fact, myself and Mr Braidley have often had lunch with the pupils in the dining room, and it has been very obvious to me that Mr Braidley and his staff enjoy an excellent relationship with their pupils. As principal of Holy Cross College I would like to express my total support for Mr Braidley and all his staff and pupils.

In my view Woodhey is an excellent school, and I say this as someone who knows the school very well, and has had a long standing connection with the school, staff and its pupils.

M J O'Hare Principal, Holy Cross College