BLUE Devils got off to a flat start defensively in this National League North West Conference fixture.

They were soon 6-0 and then 11-2 down, which included a three-pointer by Liverpool’s outstanding point guard Standen. After a motivational time-out, Blue Devils did respond and scored 10 points – including two jump shot scores by Michael Rylance – to lose the quarter 19-12. Blue Devils’ improvement continued into the second quarter, sparked by a long three-pointer by Sam Nolan Massey. With two minutes to go in the period they were only 33-25 down and competing on the same level as their opponents.

In the second minute of the third quarter, a nervous Liverpool were looking over their shoulders as Bury narrowed the score to 37-31, with four points from Sulaiman Qadeer.

However, the points dried up for Bury as they were unable make their shots. Liverpool scored nine points to win the quarter 22-11.

In the fourth quarter, Bury tried to make up the deficit by hustling and pressurising their opponents all over the court. This led to some success but fatigue began to set in and Liverpool won the final period 14-10 and recorded a 71-48 victory.

The u18s take on Oldham at Holy Cross College on Saturday, tip off 11am.