Here is a full transcript of the interview Bury chairman Stewart Day gave to the BBC Late Kick-off programme this week:

“What I have got in store is hopefully to get this club out of League Two and my ideal thing is to get this club into the Championship within a five-year period and hopefully we can kick on from there.

“This year was a lot about stability. There was so much off the pitch that we needed to get right that we probably took our eye off the ball of things on the pitch in the first 10 weeks.

“We left the recruitment to the coaching staff at the time because if we hadn’t focused our energies off the pitch it would probably not have made any difference because we wouldn’t have been able to have a team on it.

“David Flitcroft was my first managerial appointment, that’s the person I have wanted to go out and put in place.

“Kevin Blackwell we inherited when we took over and when Kevin departed we put Ronnie (Jepson) in temporary charge until we could assess things properly.

“As I said before picking the manager is probably the most important thing we could do and we wanted to go out and make sure we got the right man and I believe we did so in getting David Flitcroft.

“We want to turn Bury Football Club around so it can be self-sustainable by getting third-party revenue into the stadium.

“We are not looking to move from the ground. We have got plans to redevelop the stadium, which will be coming public knowledge in the next few months as well.

“We are working on the concerts, we are speaking to artists and agents at the moment to get that in place – there’s quite a lot of exciting things to come around.

“We want to take this football club as high as we possibly can. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, but it is even things like today, the lads have flown down to Torquay because we want to prepare in the right way.”