Maximum scores in the opening three heats of Sunday’s British Team Cup encounter against Coventry set the tone for what was a very comfortable victory for Bury Comets.

An excellent double pass from Chris Parish was followed by an outstanding last bend manoeuvre from Ben Scranage in heat nine, bringing up a half time score of 57-32.

The second half opened with a Ramsden and Howarth maximum heat win, followed by two more from Scranage and James Elston and then Parish and Danny Taylor. A super ride from Adam Turnbull in heat 15 saw him close out victory over his Coventry opponent despite an obvious age, size and power disadvantage.

The match concluded with another well-worked score of 7-3 from Scranage and Kristian Ramsden. Scranage was unbeaten on 20 points, with Chris Parish at his understated best with a 17 and three maximum return, but this one was all about team work as Bury hardly put a foot wrong throughout the match. In the final reckoning an understrength visiting side battled hard for 18 heats, but were unable to cope with a powerful display from the Goshen-based team.

Coventry number one Myke Grimes offered some resistance with fast starts throughout and a race win in each half.

Bury go in to the quarter final of the competition on August 10, when they travel to multiple cup winners Poole.

Bury scorers: Ben Scranage 20 (5 rides), Will Owens 18+1 (5), Danny Taylor 18+1 (5), Chris Parish 17+3 (5), Kristian Ramsden 14+5 (5), James Elston 13+2 (5), Neil Howarth 10+1 (3), Adam Turnbull 5 (3).