BURY'S senior side suffered their fourth straight defeat in their interleague series against Bolton, going down 159-80 in the penultimate away leg last Friday.

The home team scored six rounders to finish their first innings on 76.

Bury side started with five singles and a three from the first round, but lost four batters, two caught, one hit out and two dismissed at first base.

Jo Heaton, Louise Williams, Jo O’Shaughnessy-Crew and Cat O’Reilly each finished with three, while top scorer Ellis Killcoyne was denned for nine and a team total of 26, which included just three bad balls.

At fifty runs behind, the visitors were asked to follow-on and did much better in their second innings.

Nic Bentley scored two, followed by a single from Jo Heaton, but the sharp Bolton fielding had Louise Williams caught and Jo O’Shaughnessy-Crew hit out.

Katy Rector then added one and Holly Kaval two, but then Clair Dorey and Ellis Killcoyne were both dismissed at first base without scoring.

Kaleigh Mayoh and Clare O’Reilly scored singles and Cat O’Reilly safely reached base but failed to score.

Jo Heaton went on to score seven before being hit out, leaving Holly Kaval and Kaleigh Mayoh to fly the flag for the visitors. They both scored 12 before the innings closed on 54 and an overall tally of just 80, leaving Bolton only needing five points for victory.

Scores from their first two batters ensured Bolton passed their target, but with just three batters remaining after four rounds on a pleasant summer evening, the teams played out the match to a natural finish.

Kerry Anderton was last batter and top scorer, denned for 26 including a couple of rounders.

The last of the five matches in Bolton is the Golden Girls (over 60s) at Bolton Cricket Club tomorrow, then the action transfers to the East Lancs Paper Mill Cricket Club ground in Radcliffe, where Bury will be hoping to at least square up the series with victories in their five home game.